As most of you know, Joe Donnelly is our senior senator from Indiana, and will be trying to be the democratic nominee again for reelection in 2018. But does he really have the best interests of the average citizen at heart? Let’s look at his record.

According to the Center for Effective Lawmaking and The Indianapolis Star, Donnelly is the least effective senator as he introduced only two bills in the 114th Congress that received some kind of action in committee, and neither of them advanced to the floor for a vote….

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  1. Donis Garverick says:

    As I watched on CNN as Joe Donnelly voted with the republicans on every consumer protection admendment offers by the democrats in the banking committee, I was hoping someone would primary this Sheep in Wlves clothing. I am so glad I found your website and will be passing the petition in this area. Please contact Justice Democrats which endorses and supports truly progressive democrats.

  2. Howard Hudson says:

    Joe voted for Trumps Supreme Court nominee the most extreme corporate right wing ever to a lifelong appointment.

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