America has a problem. Special interest money has influenced our legislators to the point where they can not even come together on some basic, common sense laws in order to protect people, not profits. The problem is our politics. The smallness of our politics has held us back from keeping guns out of the hands of individuals that have no business having access to firearms. Individuals that are on FBI watch lists or have committed domestic violence or violence against children. Now, more than ever, we need federal laws to ensure that we uniformly protect our citizens.

If a person wants to purchase a firearm, it is their constitutional right. However, we can no longer accept the weak, inconsistent gun laws that have led to massacres like the ones we have seen at Sandy Hook, the Orlando nightclub shooting, Charleston church, Las Vegas and most recently at Stoneman Douglas High School.

In order to ensure that our citizens are safe, we need to have comprehensive federal background checks, a mandatory waiting period, and firearm training for every new firearm purchase.

Americans should keep their guns, but let us work together and do more to ensure that we keep our children safe as well.